Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SEMA 2010

SEMA 2010 has come and gone so I figured I'd post up some of the more interesting stuff from the various sources of coverage of the event.

Corvette Z06X

This is one of my favorites from this year's show. Take a base Z06 and add the CFZ carbon fiber package from the ZR1, then ship it to Pratt and Miller who build the LeMans race Corvettes so they can install an adjustable rear wing, SCCA roll cage, coilover suspension, adjustable sway bars, lightweight polycarbonate rear window, racing buckets, and some engine mods and you get this track focused beast. Nice.

Camaro SSX

Last year's show featured a ton of custom Camaros and there were a bunch again this year but this one direct from Chevy is probably the best.  Similar to the Corvette Z06X, the Camaro SSX is a track focused take on the 2010 Camaro SS. Using lots of carbon fiber pieces to trim the weight way down and adding goodies like new aluminun cylinder heads, a new camshaft and a new dry sump oil system to bump the horsepower up to 524 makes this Camaro show and go.

Honda CR-Z Hybrid R

There were lots of Honda CR-Zs at this year's show from the mild Mugen accessorized car to the wild 533HP Bisimoto monster, but probably my favorite was the one Honda themselves brought - the CR-Z Hybrid R. Honda plans to race modified CR-Zs at the 24 Hours of Thunderhill and this is their interpretation of what a street car based on those racers would be like. With the addition of a turbo system and an upgraded hybrid system, output has risen to 200HP/175TQ. Of course the car has the right stance thanks to new adjustable coilover suspension and sweet wheels.

Corvette Jake Edition

Jake is the name of the skull logo that first showed up on the Corvette Racing Team cars back in 2005 and it has since become a very popular icon. Chevy designed this special Grand Sport to showcase some upcoming Jake themed accessories like the hood logo graphic, wheel center caps, fender logos, floor mats and center console lid. All of these are planned for future release.

GM LSA E-Rod Superformance Grand Sport Coupe

GM's E-Rod family of crate engines tout big power and lower emissions for older Hot Rods and what better place to show off one of the newest E-Rod engines, the supercharged LSA, than the beautiful Superformance Grand Sport Coupe. Weighing only 2500lbs and sporting 556HP/551TQ mated to a Tremec 6 speed manual, this car should be silly fast.

Toyota Camry NASCAR Edition

A rear wheel drive, V8 powered, manual tranny shifted Camry Coupe! No you're not hallucinating. Arguably the most boring car company in the world, Toyota, unleashed this freak of nature at this year's SEMA show. Built by RK Customs and powered by a 680HP 358 cubic inch Toyota NASCAR V8 it certainly isn't boring. Sadly it's a one off show car.

Dodge Challenger SRT8 392

Dodge announced that they will be building this limited edition Challenger next year and limited is the key word with only 1,492 of them scheduled to be built. Power for this beast comes from a new 6.4L (392cid) Hemi V8 with 470HP/470TQ. They won't last long.

Mazda Miata Super 20

I'm a big Miata fan and I'm a bit disappointed that the U.S. didn't receive a 20th anniversary edition like most of the rest of the world. Now I'm even more sad because this special 20th anniversary tribute that Mazda brought out is just a concept, but what a concept. Take a standard MX-5 Miata and ditch the soft top in favor of a bolted on hard top, install some race seats and competition approved roll bar, add a custom built supercharged motor from Cosworth, beef up the suspension with some Mazdaspeed coilovers and Racing beat sways, upgrade the brakes and top it off with sticky rubber on 16" Enkei wheels and you've got a winner. The paint, graphics, and muscular wheel flares are just yummy gravy.